Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Spring Dress Haul!

Hey y'all! It's been forever since I've written an actual beauty-related blog, so I decided I would give my blog followers a little sneak peak of the spring dress haul I'll be filming hopefully in the near future. This past week I placed two orders on Amiclubwear, a site with inexpensive yet cute clothing that many of us learned about from Juicystar07's review last summer.

One of my favorite ways to shop is to scan clearance sections, and I found a lot of cute dresses. Many weren't in my size or were sold out, but I managed to find 4 that I really loved. They were all incredibly inexpensive (each under $15), and they're all very different from anything I've ever owned, so I'm excited!

Dress #1
I love this dress. It's very mature yet fun. The print is beautiful and it's something that could be worn probably at any time of the year. It also looks incredibly light, which is ideal for the hot California climate in which I live. I'll probably wear this dress with this cute pair of black satin flats I own from Rocketdog.

Dress #2
This dress I'm a little lukewarm about, because I don't typically wear red. But I know I can make it work somehow. On its own it definitely isn't something I'd wear on an everyday basis, but I'm thinking of pairing it with a black cardigan to make it more daytime-appropriate, and probably the black flats I mentioned before.

Dress #3
I am absolutely in LOVE with this dress. It also came in pink but it wasn't available in my size. Again, yellow isn't a color I wear very often, since I tend to think it brings out the yellow undertones in my skin. However, I was so in love with the dress I couldn't pass it up! I love the strapless design and the bubble skirt. It doesn't come with the belt, but I think I'm going to try to find a similar white belt (or maybe cognac to mix it up?) because I like the effect it gives.

Dress #4
This is similar in design to the last dress, but I love the colors. It's a little more nighttime-appropriate to me, and I could see wearing this on a date with my boyfriend, along with some black platform pumps and a little black clutch. I could also dress it down with the black cardigan and flats I mentioned before. I love transitional pieces!

Also, keep in mind that the blond model especially is very busty. :) I have a more modest frame, so I expect that these dresses will look a lot less "clubwear-ish" on my body than on hers, and more suited for your regular warm spring day. We'll see when the order comes in! I will definitely post a haul video with my first impressions and model the dresses when they arrive.

Thanks for reading!


Sarah <3

FTC: Even though this isn't YouTube, I thought I should mention that I paid for all these dresses with my own money. I'm not affiliated with AmiClubwear. Also, the pictures of the dresses are from their website. I hope it's OK that I included them in my blog. :)

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