Saturday, February 20, 2010

Help plan my next giveaway!

Hey everyone!

I started the month with just over 50 subscribers and now have about 120! I am super excited about my progress and hope it continues. Partnership is definitely my long-term goal. :)

To thank all my subscribers, I want to plan another giveaway when I reach either 250 or 300 subscribers. I wish I could host giveaways more often, but being the typical college student, that would not be ideal for my budget. :(

This time, I want to make the prize a little more special than a drugstore product - I'm thinking something from MAC, Sephora, etc. I'm not positive how many prizes I'll give out, but I am aiming to keep each below about $20.

Here are a few ideas I've been considering:

1) MAC eye shadow, lipstick/lip gloss of choice. I only have a department store MAC counter available, so it would need to be something I could purchase there.

2) OPI/Essie nail polish of choice. A salon near my residence has a full window of OPI and Essie polishes so I'm confident I would be able to find most any color the winner might choose. I could also offer one of the Sephora by OPI nail polishes.

3) Another idea I had was to personally assemble a brush set from Coastal Scents, which has been my favorite source for inexpensive yet quality cosmetic brushes as of late. I was considering giving away a set of 5 or 6 of the brushes from the pink collection, many of which I own and love already. The pre-assembled brush sets that are in my price range didn't get the best ratings, so I am steering away from those.

These are just a few things I thought up, but this list is by no means definite. Please leave me any suggestions you may have, preferably on my YouTube account so I can have all the ideas in one place.

Thanks so much!


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